Onsite, Virtual and blended Consultancy,
Digital Content Library
and Professional Learning Platforms

Editure Professional Development

Editure Professional Development focuses on what works best; helping schools and districts achieve more by providing comprehensive professional learning and development solutions. Editure draws on the most current research from around the globe and best practices, that work in communities like yours, in order to provide various job-embedded professional learning opportunities for educators through: a robust content platform, on-site and side-by-side consultancy, virtual support or a blend of all three.

Editure’s on-site consultancy is provided in the form of training and coaching to teachers and school/ district administrators. Editure’s over 200 consultants have decades of experience from around the world as teachers, coaches, administrators, curriculum planners, and professors which allows them to provide customized, job-embedded, on-site professional development for schools or districts.

Editure’s Blended Model of helping teachers, coaches, and administrators to implement the most effective educational practices and provide their students with the highest quality instruction. This model offers remote, virtual learning support across all content areas and educational technology consultancy both on-site and online.

We also offer a professional learning platform that is full of content and educational resources that help educators collaborate around pedagogical research and learn best practices through applying the research during classroom implementation. These resources have helped thousands of district administrators, principals, and teachers create school-wide professional learning communities focused on improving the quality of classroom instruction.

Our Work & Results

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